Xingyuan Group tires

Max Solutions offers Xingyuan Tire Group tires for transportation, agricultural, Mining and construction, heavy transportation, Harbour and port equipment and personal and light transport vehicle purposes. Xingyuan Tire Group tires produces high quality Steel Radial OTR tires, agricultural tyres, Truck and Bus tyres, 4×4 tires, Radial tyres, Reach stacker tires and Earth movement tyres. Max Solutions is reseller for Xingyuan Tire Group tires in Italy and because of the great delivery network we can deliver Xingyuan Tire Group tires all over the world.

Max Solutions is specialised in selling giant sized tires and always has Giant OTR tyres 36.00R51, 40.00R57, 42/90R57, 46/90R57, 50/80R57 from different brands in stock.

Whether you are looking for Giant OTR tires, Heavy transportation tires, agricultural tyres, heavy transportation tires or industrial Xingyuan Tire Group tires, Max Solutions will always guarantee fast delivery and the best prices. The tyres made by Xingyuan Tire Group are produced according to the highest production and quality standards. And designed and produced to meet the United states and European safety and quality requirements. Login to the B2B system to check our stock of Taishan tires derictly. Because of our large stock we can deliver any type of special size tires fast and reduce the cost of downtime for your equipment.

Xingyuan group

Xingyuan Group Agricultural tires