Goodyear radial and OTR tires

Max Solutions offers Goodyear tires for industrial, agricultural and transportation purposes. Good Year produces very high quality Radial tyres, Car tires, Truck and Bus tyres, OTR tyres, Agricultural tyres, Harbour and port equipment tires, construction and mining tires and 4×4 tires. Max Solutions is reseller for Goodyear tires in Italy and because of the great delivery network we can deliver Goodyear tires all over the world.

Whether you are looking for OTR, harbour, mining or industrial Good Year tires, Max Solutions will always guarantee fast delivery and the best prices. Goodyear is the ultimate authority when it comes to delivering tough Off-The-Road (Earthmover) tires. Made with premium casings and durable compounds, these tires are built for heavy loads, solid traction and outstanding resistance to punctures.

Max Solutions always has a wide range of Goodyear tires in stock even to make sure we can deliver and support fast.

When you need to replace tires on the entire fleet of shipyard, construction and mining or transportation machinery, you can save a lot of money by looking for good value for money and the highest possible endurance to cuts and punctures. Goodyear tires have great endurance and will save you money by increasing the tire life and decreasing the need for tire changes. On rough terrains Goodyear tires are a big advantage due to the extreme resistance to wear of the Goodyear OTR tires. You can Login to our B2B system to check our stock and order tires directly.

Goodyear tires

Goodyear tires