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Max Solutions offers Bridgestone tires for industrial, agricultural and transportation purposes. Since the 1960s, Bridgestone Corporation has been an innovator in the field of off-the-road tires, supplying a full range of products and
providing worldwide service for mining, construction, highway service and port customers. Max Solutions is reseller for Bridgestone OTR tyres in Italy and because of the great delivery network we can deliver Bridgestone tires all over the world.

Whether you are looking for OTR, Agricultural or industrial Bridgestone tires, Max Solutions will always guarantee fast delivery and the best prices. Bridgestone is famous for its high quality standards. In 1989, Bridgestone’s Off-The-Road Tire Department was made independent from the passenger car or truck-buss tire Department, a change calculated to strengthen sales, service, research, and development capabilities. At that time, most of world’s leading tire manufacturers were not focusing on this market segment and not supplying products that could satisfy customer’s needs.

Since its founding, this special team for off-the-road tires has been fortifying not only sales power but also customer servicing capabilities. Today, the department is an off-the-road tire expert that can meet diversified specifications requirements and supply tires of consistent high quality to customers all over the world.

Max Solutions always has a wide range of Bridgestone tires in stock to make sure we can deliver and support fast, unplanned downtime because of flat or broken tires brings to a loss of productivity, which means lost revenue. That’s why it is important to receive new tires fast when they are needed. . You can Login to our B2B system to check our stock and order Bridgestone tires directly.

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