MAX Method of Reconditioning

Our Mechanics are OEM certified with over 20 years of experience in maintenance and repair of shipyard equipment. Max Solutions is able to get the best value for money when looking for shipyard equipment. Because of the large network, years of experience and knowledge, all reconditioned machines are in NEW condition with prices up to 40% less than new machines. Another big advantage of buying reconditioned machines is the abillity to override safety warnings and other electronical safety blocks. This makes the machines very efficient to use and it will reduce downtime because of safety blocks or warnings. All our machines are offered with special warranty conditions. Our reconditioning team is also able to make an offer for the total or partial reconditioning of your equipment to make it completely new again. You can save up to 60% of your investement by reconditioning your own fleet! Contact our reconditioning team  to get an offer!

We fit our machines with completely refurbished and improved engines. To make sure our products are in NEW condition we only use the best and often technical improved versions of radiotors, intercoolers and other engine parts for refurbishing. This way we can assure our machines deliver top performence and longer working live.

After years of work the salty air, humidity and temperature changes quickly wear the electrical circuit. This vital part of the machine must always be in best possible condition to prefent downtime because of faults.We replace all electric wires, fuses, boxes and other electronical parts with new parts. To make sure our machines are optimized for quick and easy maintanence, the electric circuit will be refurbished using an easy-to-reach layout.

All hydraulic hoses, pumps and cylinders are new and top quality for granting the best performances, durability and no risk of downtime due to oil leakage. New heavy duty heat exchanger for hydraulic oil cooling is also fitted.

The cabins fitted on our reconditioned machines are new or fully remade in order to offer a best environment for the driver, contributing to enhance operator’s efficiency, safety, comfort and max control even for long periods.

The chassis are duly controlled and reinforced where needed. All the chassis are sandblasted and repainted for a very high resistance to rust.

We always fit new tyres and rims (of different brands) on our machines. Tyres & rims are also available for sale.